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Welcome to the Gyger Family collection of Case antique tractors. Located in Lebanon, Indiana, our vast amount of restored antiques have been featured numberous times in the Case enthusiast magazines "Old Abe's News" and "Heritage Eagle", on the television shows "Across Indiana" and "Classic Tractor Fever", and in many antique tractor calendars. Because of this, many people have wanted to see more of our tractors. If you are one of these people, then you've come to the right place! Please look around and enjoy!

Our collection consists of a diverse selection of Case tractors, years ranging from the mid 1920's up to today. Every aspect of Case can be found in the collection, with wide, narrow, and single-wheel front ends, steel wheels or rubber tires, hi-crops and low center kings, engines that run on gasoline, diesel, and LP gas..... and so on.

This website was created in mind of tractor enthusiasts who have heard of the Gyger collection, but have never had the time or lived too far away to come and see it.

While you are touring the site, please keep in the back of your mind that this web site can only hold a limited number of pictures. There are many, many more tractors that we have here, but i was unable to put them on here. The only real way to see them all is to stop by and take a look!

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